Saturday, 24 November 2012

DIY- brush cleaner/cleanser

You will need:
-dishwashing liquid
-emty bottle

So take a cup with 150ml water in it (i used this much becouse my bottle was a 200ml bottle), mix one tablespoon of shampoo in, half a tablespon of dishwashing liquid and 3-4 tablespoons of alcohol (i used vodka becouse that was the best we had at home but if you have something stronger then use that but in a smaller amount) and mix everything together. And then just puor it in your emty bottle and you are done! So simple and easy :)

How to clean your brushes:
Put some of the cleaner on a piece of paper or cottonpad and just swirl and wipe the brush in it. You will see that loads of makeup and dirt will come off on to the paper.
It is very important to clean your brushes now and then becouse after a while they will get full off dirt and excess makeup that is not good for your skin and can make you break out. So remeber to clean your brushes ladies! :)

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