Saturday, 31 March 2012

Peace nails

Hellooo :) yesterday a did my nails. I coulden't post anything in the evening because it was earth hour :) so I will do it today. I did a hippy inspired look.
1. First i painted my nails a baby blue color.
2. Then I painted a peace sign on every nail. This can be hard but if you do it a few times it will get easier.
3. Then I just added some glitter nailpolish on top.
4. Last step paint a finishing top coat to make it stay longer.

Today i have a soccer tournament. Wish me luck ;)

I will do a hair tutorial tomorrow. I will show you how to get curly hair without any heat and it only takes 2 min!! I did this on my sister becouse i have natural curly/wavy hair so that you could see that it works on straight hair to.


Hello my dolls :) so yesterday i went shopping with my friends after school. And i found the shirt in monki i was talking about in the earlier post! I'm so happy :) And I picked up some other stuff in HM. I found a pair of "ugg" styled shoes, there maybe not the most stylish shoes but they are worm and comfortable to wear in the winter ;) I also bought a brown eyeshadow pallet that my friend recommended and a eyeshadow brush.
The first picture is the shirt (I will wear it someday next week so you can see it better), the next one is my eyeshadow and brush, and the last one my shoes.
Today i will just stay home and read for my french- and physic exam. Hope you have a more fun day then me :)

Friday, 30 March 2012

Rocker chic with a pop of color

Hi, today i had a biology exam. I think it went good :) my outfit today was a rocker chic inspired look. I wore a black t-shirt that you tie at the front and black skinny jeans. The t-shirt and jeans are both from HM :) the first photo is me and my friend ebba (she has a blog : go check it out :))
I wore a pair of bright blue shoes to give my look a little color :)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Things i would like to buy

Hi, today a had a chemistry exam, it went okey not good but not bad. Well we will see how it goes :) so today im gonna show you some clothes i would like to buy. I found this amazing sheer button down sleevless shirt in Monki the other day but they didn't have my size :( so i will try to find it some other day in another shop :) I would also like to buy a blazer, i'm not sure yet if i want a black one or a color. I'm leaning towards a colord one :) what do you think? And the third thing is a high waisted skirt. I'm thinking of something like this:

The blazer and the black skirt is from they have amazing clothes! Go check it out :)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cracked nailpolish

I resently painted my nails with a yellow isadora crecked nailpolish. At first i did not like it at all but i came up with some tricks and tips how to make it look good and now im looooving the nailpolish :)

Tip 1: If you are planning on using a dark cracked nailpolish choose a lighter color for the base coat and if you use a lighter color cracked nailpolish use a dark base color. Thís makes a huge difference :)

Tip 2: Wait at least 20 MINUTES for the base coat to dry. The best thing to do is wait a hole day that´s when you get the best result, but if you don`t have time the imortant thing is that it comletely dry ;)

Crackle Nail Art Tips
I have used this isadora brand

This was the only picture I could find of my yellow cracked nails :) this was taken on sunday with 2 of my amazing soccerfriends. I´m the one doing the peace sign :) you can´t see the nails that well but this is the best i got :)

Birthday :)

So today i diden't have school YEY :) so I decided to right about my birthday (2 days ago), my outfit and food :) my day started of with breakfast in bed with my sister ( i have a twinsister so abviosly it was her b-day too) and cake :) then i whent to school, I was lucky because i only had 2 h school because of examweek :) in the evening we had dinner at a lovely restaurant called Vapiano. I had a chickensallad. so this is the outfit of the day :) this is what I was wearing on my birthday. I painted my nails in a amazing red color my lovely friend gave me :) the last picture is me and my sister at the age of 2 :)
my lovely card from my grandad
my food
me and my sister at the age of 1 <3
our cake

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cropped tops :)

So i was sitting on the bus on my way to school and i read this interesting article about a new trend: showing your belly by using high waisted shorts or skirts and a cropped top. I myself like this trend and i already have a few cropped tops in my wardrobe :) what do you think about this trend? ;)

the article I found

My first entry

Hi, so this is my first entry in my absOlutely first blog. I'm sooooo excited to start my own blog. Okey, so yesterday was my birtday ( i turnd 17 ;)) and I just decided that I needed to right a blog! :) so here it goes, hope you like it :) Alittle about what i'm going to right about: * i loooove fashion so i will try to post as many outfits of the day as possible and new clothes that i buy. :), And i Will do hair- and nailTutorials :) * and then normal life and things i do every day,and about friends and family.