Saturday, 31 March 2012

Peace nails

Hellooo :) yesterday a did my nails. I coulden't post anything in the evening because it was earth hour :) so I will do it today. I did a hippy inspired look.
1. First i painted my nails a baby blue color.
2. Then I painted a peace sign on every nail. This can be hard but if you do it a few times it will get easier.
3. Then I just added some glitter nailpolish on top.
4. Last step paint a finishing top coat to make it stay longer.

Today i have a soccer tournament. Wish me luck ;)

I will do a hair tutorial tomorrow. I will show you how to get curly hair without any heat and it only takes 2 min!! I did this on my sister becouse i have natural curly/wavy hair so that you could see that it works on straight hair to.

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