Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Birthday :)

So today i diden't have school YEY :) so I decided to right about my birthday (2 days ago), my outfit and food :) my day started of with breakfast in bed with my sister ( i have a twinsister so abviosly it was her b-day too) and cake :) then i whent to school, I was lucky because i only had 2 h school because of examweek :) in the evening we had dinner at a lovely restaurant called Vapiano. I had a chickensallad. so this is the outfit of the day :) this is what I was wearing on my birthday. I painted my nails in a amazing red color my lovely friend gave me :) the last picture is me and my sister at the age of 2 :)
my lovely card from my grandad
my food
me and my sister at the age of 1 <3
our cake

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